Registered Patent Practitioners


Racially Diverse Women Patent Practitioners

Patent Pathways™ is a Diversity & Inclusion Program dedicated to increasing numbers of registered African-American/Black women patent attorneys and agents through free, virtual education, practical exercises, and financial support. The goal is to provide each participant with the tools to take and pass the patent bar and begin their pathway into a career in patent law. Future iterations of the program will focus on other underrepresented demographics, but we need your support to get there!

All patent bar expenses will be paid for each participant, and classes will occur in evenings to accommodate existing work and study schedules, made possible by the generosity of our program partners, sponsors, and donors. Want to make a difference? From November 1st through Giving Tuesday, your impact will be doubled! Harrity4Charity is matching donations up to $50,000 through 11/28 to continue to expand the program. 


Patent Pathways™ aims to register 50 Black women with the patent bar each year. The program is open to Engineering or Science grads, Law School students with Engineering/Science Degrees, or Practicing Engineers/Scientists considering a career change. Apply now to join our 2024 program!


Law Firm Partners are an integral part of the Patent Pathways™ Program. Your support allows diverse woman to partake in the program and register for the patent bar without the financial burden. Partners also have exclusive opportunities to hire participants. Become a law firm partner today!


Corporate partners and sponsors allow us to provide top tier training to participants, covering education fees, patent bar preparation fees, and exam and registration fees. Your support allows participants to immerse themselves in the field of patent law and have the highest potential for success. Become a corporate partner today!


Are you a patent professional passionate about increasing diversity in the field? We’re looking for mentors and committee volunteers! With flexible mentoring and 8 committees to choose from, you can utilize your expertise to help scale up Patent Pathways™ on a schedule that suits you. Become a volunteer today!


We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 Patent Pathways™ rotation! The program is set to begin January 2024. Application review and interview processes are ongoing.


Not eligible for Patent Pathways™ but looking for similar resources? Harrity & Harrity offers a number of free diversity-focused programs and resources to help you succeed in the patent field.