Patent Pathways™ Participant Stories: Aliya Kingwood

Aliya Kingwood, a participant in the 2022 Patent Pathways program, has shared her transformative experience in a recent video. A graduate with a technical background, Aliya was unsure of her career path until she discovered the Patent Pathways program. The program, she says, has not only provided her with a clear career direction but also a sense of purpose and a network of supportive professionals.

Aliya’s journey began when she learned about the Patent Pathways program through a patent basics course offered at her school. At the time, she was in between jobs and unsure about her future. The program seemed like a promising opportunity, so she decided to take the leap.

The Patent Pathways program provided Aliya with a mentor and an online course to prepare her for the patent bar exam. The program covered the cost of the course and the registration for the patent bar exam. Additionally, it facilitated interviews with multiple law firms, leading to an offer from one.

Now a technical specialist, Aliya is set to take her bar exam next month. She expressed her gratitude for the program, stating, “This whole process has really allowed me to hone in on a particular field with my degree, and I’m forever grateful.”

The program has not only given Aliya a career path but also a stable income, which she believes will open up many opportunities in her life. She also appreciates the network of professionals she has gained access to, stating, “I have a network full of people that I can use and call on when I need.”

Aliya also touched on the impact of her career on her family, particularly her child. She believes that her journey will positively influence her child and inspire others to explore the patent field.

In her closing remarks, Aliya emphasized the need for more awareness about the patent field. She believes that increased knowledge about the field would lead to greater inclusion. She said, “I feel like this field is so undervalued or not too many people know about it, and I feel like if more people knew about it, then I’m pretty sure you will see more inclusion in the field.”

Aliya’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Patent Pathways program. It’s a shining example of how the right guidance and opportunities can help individuals find their path and contribute to a more inclusive patent field.

“Going through this program gave me just enough information and confidence to believe that I can be successful in this field and move forward in it.”


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