Patent Pathways™ Participant Stories: Michelle Flowers

Michelle Flowers, a participant in the 2022 Patent Pathways program, has shared her inspiring journey in a recent video. With a background in civil engineering and a decade-long career in contract compliance for renewable energy developers, Michelle was introduced to the Patent Pathways program by a friend. This introduction marked the beginning of a transformative journey that has reshaped her career aspirations.

Michelle’s career has always been intertwined with the technical world. She works with renewable energy developers, designing wind, solar, and storage farms, and prepares the necessary reports and contracts for connecting these farms to transmission lines. This experience, she believes, aligns well with the requirements of the Patent Pathways program.

The opportunity to join the Patent Pathways program came unexpectedly. A friend, aware of Michelle’s engineering background, recommended the program. Intrigued, Michelle signed up and was soon accepted after a couple of interviews. She recalls her surprise at the swift process, saying, “I thought this was going to be like a year from now, but I just figured, why not? What do I have to lose?”

Interestingly, this wasn’t Michelle’s first encounter with patent law. As a freshman in college, she had an idea she wanted to patent but found the process complicated. When the opportunity to join the Patent Pathways program presented itself, it was the third time patent law had crossed her path, prompting her to pay attention.

Throughout the program, Michelle has been supported by two mentors who have encouraged her during moments of doubt. She admits there were times when she questioned her decision to switch careers and start from scratch. However, the encouragement from her mentors and her determination to fully commit to this new path have kept her going.

Michelle’s journey has now led her to consider law school, a decision influenced by her experience in the Patent Pathways program. She believes that patent law is a great fit for her and is eager to continue her journey in this field.

In her closing remarks, Michelle emphasized the impact of the program on her confidence and belief in her ability to succeed in the patent law field. She said, “Going through this program gave me just enough information and confidence to believe that I can be successful in this field and move forward in it.”

Michelle’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Patent Pathways program. It highlights the program’s ability to open up new career paths and instill confidence in participants, enabling them to envision and pursue new career goals. Her journey serves as an inspiration for others, especially women in engineering, to explore the opportunities that patent law offers.

Hear what she had to say below:


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