Patent Pathways™ Participant Stories: LaToya Holmes

LaToya Holmes, a participant in the 2022 Patent Pathways program, has shared her enriching journey in a recent video. With a background in computer science and over 20 years of experience in systems and test engineering, LaToya was looking for a career transition that would allow her to work remotely while leveraging her technical expertise. The Patent Pathways program provided her with the perfect opportunity.

LaToya’s journey into the Patent Pathways program began when a cousin informed her about the program. The program’s aim to sponsor 20 women to take the patent bar exam resonated with LaToya, who was contemplating her next career move after two decades in the defense subcontracting industry.

Upon acceptance into the program, LaToya embarked on a summer-long training to prepare for the patent bar exam. The program paired her with two mentors who guided her through the training and helped her with assignments.

The program also facilitated interviews with law firms that matched her background. Each participant in the program was paired with different law firms for interviews. The firms then offered positions based on their needs and the participant’s suitability.

LaToya was paired with a law firm based in San Diego, California. She describes the experience as “perfect” and speaks highly of her time with the firm, which included a week-long stay at their beachside office during the holiday season.

Reflecting on her experience, LaToya said, “It’s been a great experience ever since… it’s been an excellent experience since.” She also spoke about the program’s impact on her career transition, stating, “When I heard about Patent Pathways, it was the perfect transition opportunity for me.”

In her closing remarks, LaToya encouraged others to consider the patent field, especially those with a technical or science background. She emphasized that the field is a great option for career professionals looking for a transition, even if they choose to do so later in their careers.

She said, “I would definitely, if I was you, look into the field… it’s a wonderful field. If you’re a techie, science background, definitely something I would recommend you looking into.”

LaToya’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Patent Pathways program. It highlights the program’s ability to facilitate career transitions, provide mentorship, and open up opportunities in the patent field. Her journey serves as an inspiration for others, especially women in tech, to explore the opportunities that patent law offers.

And, she adds, “If you don’t want to do it right away, you can be a career professional, like me, and transition into it later!”

Hear what she had to say below:


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